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Here at Allpointswhole, we are excited to launch our new page, Your Story. The purpose of this page is for you to come and be real...sharing with all of our followers your story to becoming whole. Whether its physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we want to hear from you! We know that becoming whole is a process and believe that by sharing your journey with others, it will not only help you but inspire others as well. No one is perfect and by no means has "arrived." We hope that you will be challenged to authenticity through this outlet. By putting a face to your story, we hope that more of cyberspace will be touched and inspired to take the first step to becoming the best version of themselves. 

Please submit your videos to karinhume@hotmail.com 
<![CDATA[Kayla]]>Fri, 21 Oct 2011 11:02:15 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/kaylas-24-day-challenge-resultsAnother successful AdvoCare story. And the best part is that that means that someone is on their way to change. And that will spread to others. And hopefully change some lives.

Kayla lost 11 pounds and 15 inches in 24 days. It took her a while to finally try the Challenge out. But, with that loss, I am pretty sure she is happy she came around.

For me the best part about the Challenge is the  cleanse. Detoxing my body renews my overall self.

And be on the lookout for posts from Freeing Sisyphus this weekend then next week watch out for  two new trainees who will be making their way from day 1 to 3.1 over the next few weeks. 

Countdown to marathon: OMG!

<![CDATA[Kayla's 10 day results]]>Mon, 10 Oct 2011 09:45:02 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/kaylas-10-day-results
This girl is rockin it and I cant wait to see the end of her full 24 days! Check out her stats and leave a comment to encourage her! Seriously, Kayla I am so proud of you. She recently sent me n email saying "my appetite is soooo controlled. I love  it!"

Beginning stats
Shoulders 48
Chest 44
Waist 43
Hips 50
Thigh 30
Calf 17
Arm 14
Total 246

Weight 245

Post 10 days

  • Arm 12 shoulders
    45 chest 44 waist
    39 .5 hips
    48 thigh 28
    calf 16..
    weight 225
Seriously lets encourage her; she is the best in loss so far! It can be done in a healthy way and its all natural!

<![CDATA[Update on Kayla]]>Mon, 03 Oct 2011 09:11:24 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/update-on-kayla

I had some other things to post today as I've had a busy, exciting week and can't wait to share it with you. However, when Kayla sent me her measurements, I HAD to share. Here are her stats before and after.

        Shoulders 48
  • Chest 44
    Waist 43
    Hips 50
    Thigh 30
    Calf 17
    Arm 14
    Total 246

    Five day count

    Arm 13
    Shoulders 46
    Chest 44
    Waist 41
    Hips 49
    Thigh 28
    Calf 16
    Total 237

    Weight 226.5
She is seriously rockin it.  I am telling you everyone who does this loses it and keeps it off! It is a great kickstart to get to a better weight and better healthy eating habits. ......as I sit here eating cupcakes.........hey, they were left over from a party and I worked really hard on them. I had to try them........or three.  By the way, free cupcakes at my house. I am DONE!

Be inspired, work hard, and see you tomorrow
<![CDATA[Meet Kayla]]>Wed, 28 Sep 2011 07:43:13 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/advocare-meet-kaylaAnother day: another challenge

Kayla is a beautiful girl in her young twenties that I've known since she was "just a tad high" Okay, not that long but she was on   a community dance team that I started and I got to know her some. Enter Facebook. And we keep up the rest of our lives.

I've been telling, well begging, her to do the Challenge FOREVER.....literally since like February. I finally convinced her. She is starting her challenge tomorrow. Just like last time, we will give a  5, 10 and 24 day update. This program really works and I can't wait to see the change in her.

One cool thing we did was go shopping together. This is the first time I've taken someone to pick out their entire menu not just show them heaven-I mean Whole Foods. I went through there like the Tasmanian devil. It felt pretty good and I just love teaching people how small changes add up to to major change.

I will post how I went with a friend to have her gate analyzed and pick out a pimpin sports bra to hold some big ol girls (sorry to all of the one man reading this-my husband)

So without further ado, meet Kayla and check back in 5 days for her progress. If anyone can guess how much she will lose they will win their very own challenge. So leave a comment and let me know you are ready to change your life!

<![CDATA[The results are IN!!!!]]>Fri, 09 Sep 2011 08:48:02 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/the-results-are-in
Well if you have been reading (and if you haven't then you are lame) then you know that 4 girls and I set out on our 10 day cleanse.

So, I know you, as I am dying for the 10 day results so without further ado, here you go!

Karin: (last pic with vein in my forehead sticking out) down 7 pounds and 8 inches (all in my waist and hips) Also if you count the Dr's scale I weighed on yesterday with clothes on, I am down 13!! OH how I hope it is right. Le Sigh

Tina: (second picture with hat on) down 6.1 pounds and 6 inches. She runs with me and there is a huge difference. She is going to continue to eat this way as well as I and see if we can shed those pounds before winter.

Sarah: (first picture)Sarah is down 3.5 pounds and 2 inches. She is doing the full 24 day challenge so I know she will have more soon,

Laurie: (Last pic with me. Hint. No vein sticking out of her forehead) I haven't heard from her in a few days but she just started so make sure you check back in 8 days to see her progress!

I love this cleanse because it is all natural and very gentle. You get to eat lean meats, fruit, veggies, oatmeal, almond butter on brown rice cakes (taste better than it sounds) and can even make yummy homemade fries with olive oil and sea salt.....So good!

If you are interested, I will give you instructions, tips and tricks and be your biggest cheerleader. YOU can do it no matter what state you are in. It is a great kick start and so far I have only had success with my clients!
<![CDATA[Carissa's Update II]]>Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:52:35 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/advocare-carissas-update-iiAs some of you may remember, Carissa, after months of considering the challenge, she finally mustered up the courage and the finances to try it out. She was definitely skeptical at first. But, since day 2, I have received email after email about how amazing she feels and just an overall disbelief in how these products really work. When we first introduced you to Carissa, she was 165.

When we did her second update, she was down to 158. Most importantly, she had already lost about 8 inches at this time and it had only been 11 days! Her energy was out of this world and for the first time in a long time, she felt healthy and like she had a clean slate to work with.

I just heard from Carissa yesterday, letting me know that in addition to losing 7 pounds, she has now lost 15.5 inches!!! That is seriously crazy and she said her clothes no longer fit. She is so excited to be able to go and try on/buy new clothes. As you can see in these pictures. AdvoCare not only helped her detox and lose weight, it also brought a glow and joy to her face that wasn't there before.

Carissa has come a long way in life and I am super proud of her! I know she will continue to use some of the products and will only get smaller. But even more important than that, she is now aware of the junk she was putting in her body and is on a better path to wholeness!

However, if you email me, I can formulate a specific plan for you. I will be your cheerleader and make sure you succeed. I can hold you accountable, plan grocery lists and menu's and text you encouraging notes til you wanna chuck your cell phone out the window.

And if you are concerned about the price, just ask Carissa or myself how we actually SAVED money by doing the challenge. Funny how when you aren't eating out or driving through Starbucks, just how much money you do save!

Let's cheer Carissa on by leaving a comment and congratulating her on her success! I have a feeling this won't be the last time you see her! (go look back at these links..she has come so far!)

This girl is smokin hot! check out the previous links for how different she looks!]]>
<![CDATA[Carissa's update]]>Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:51:42 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/advocare-carissas-update

As you read last week, a
friend of mine from High School embarked on 10 day cleanse. 

We are so happy to report that after her cleanse, she has lost 7 inches and 4 pounds. She said she was admittedly shocked and very excited!

We are super proud of Carissa and wish her well on her continuing journey to health. 

I will actually be ordering a cleanse myself on Friday. After being on pain meds for a month and eating my weight in casseroles and lasagna, my body is crying out to be cleansed. What I truly love is not only the inches and pounds lost, but knowing that all of those toxins are being released and emptied out priming my body for optimal nutrition.

This cleanse is actually a very gentle cleanse compared to those on the market and much to all of my client's happiness, you DO get to eat! I was surprised when I got this question from so many people. My response is always the same. It goes something like this "I don't know about you, but this girl's gotta eat!"

So join me in congratulating Carissa! She rocked this cleanse, kicked her unhealthy habits butt and didn't take names. She starts bootcamp next month so check back for more updates to track her progress!

<![CDATA[Meet Carissa]]>Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:50:22 GMThttp://allpointswhole.com/your-story/advocare-meet-carissaMeet Carissa! Carissa is a Mississippi girl like myself and we actually went to high school together. She was a grade above me and at the time, that probably made me envious. Ah-to be a teenager again. You can't wait to be an adult. Only to then wish you were younger when out of nowhere, you are sucker punched with all of the responsibility, bill paying, cortisol creeping, metabolism slowing, and wonder why your mama never warned you. Oh wait, she did but since you knew everything, you just turned up your headphones and rolled your eyes.

Yes, I just said headphones. I must be like 86.

Carissa's journey to health is an admirable one. She's overcome major obstacles in her life. After high school, she found herself in the wrong crowd and her life began to spiral out of control. She was destroying herself and her relationships with family and friends. She hit rock bottom.

The good thing about falling that far is that there is nowhere to go but up (but only if you are brave enough for the climb) However, without a support system and a relationship with God, she knew she would not make it to the top of that hill. But, one day at a time, she was able to take control of her life and begin to love and nurture herself. She met and married a wonderful man and is enjoying life with him and her beautiful girls. Her life is being restored to wholeness-spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Carissa and I reconnected through Facebook and once she saw all of the success my clients were having so she decided to take the plunge and try it out. She begins her 10 day detox tomorrow then moves onto the 14 day max phase. I am so excited because I know how this will enhance her well being and radically change her life. She will immediately feel better, less sluggish, and experience an overall more enthusiastic and energized skip in her step.

We will chart her accomplishments weekly on the blog so please join me in supporting her! Leave a comment and cheer her on, along the way. 

Onto Carissa's stats

Measurements =

Right arm- 13" Shoulders-16" Chest-43" Waist-41" Hips-43" Right thigh-23" Right calf-14

Weight = 165

So what holds you back from taking that first step to change? How can we encourage you to make this critical choice so that you can lead your best life?